Septembers Breakout in association with Music Week in Camden London

Bluebell performs live Camden London photo by Jonathan Lappin

Bluebell by Jonathan Lappin images-4u

Septembers Breakout in association with Music Week at Camdens Proud Galleries featuring the very best in breakout acts, this months line up included the following Tanya Lacey, Brother and Bones, Bluebell, Jamie Spankier, Foreign slippers, Mic Rightous, Billy Lockett.

The acts on the night provided excellent music and gave great performances which always makes shooting them so much easier.

As usual I shot the night with my Canon 5d MKII.

If you are looking for event or music photography in Camden, London, Lincoln or anywhere in the UK then please feel free to contact me anytime

Tanya Lacey at live in Camden photography by Jonathan Lappin Images 4u

Tanya Lacey

Brother and Bones live in Camden, London, Music photography Jonathan Lappin Images 4u

Brother and Bones at Breakout

It has to be said that Septembers Breakout was on of the best nights so far with some amazing new talent on display in both the acoustic lounge and on the main stage.

Below is a gallery of best live music photography  from the night, I hope you like them, all comments are welcome

B@W_breakout_camden (14 of 20).jpgbilly_lockett_breakout.jpgbluebell_breakout (11 of 19).jpgbluebelle_breakout (5 of 5).jpgbreakout (1 of 1).jpgbrotherandbones_camden_breakout (5 of 8).jpgc24-B@W_breakout_camden (16 of 20).jpgc45-bluebell_breakout (20 of 19).jpgc55-breakout (2 of 1).jpg


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