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Womad 2012 band4hope project Lucie and Lachlan

Band4Hope Project

Womad 2012

In the summer of 2012 I obtained a photopass for Womad music festival, I would be covering the event for Rythym Passport a world music listings site. As a festival music photographer you need to be prepared and for the event I was…

Some useful tips

Drink Water.

Bring and use sun blog.

Festival Hat – to keep the sun off.

Comfortable shoes – you will be on your feet all day walking or running between  stages.

Bring sugery snacks – its important to keep those energy levels high.

Schedule and plan your day and pace your day.

Arrive at the photopit early and be cortious to other photographers as it will get busy.

Pack plenty of batteries.

Bring plenty of power cables and 4 ways as the media tent never has enough.

Bring plenty of memory cards.

Bring at least 2 camera’s.

Bring a variety of lenses.

Bring a decent Laptop.

have fun, enjoy shooting the acts and listening to the music.

I was there for 4 days of the festival and during that time I got the opportunity to shoot some great bands and artists, meet some great people, listened to great music, got sun burned and froze to death all in the one weekend.

The music at the festival was as varied as you would expect with some well known  headliners which would be familiar with to those that you would not be so familiar to you, with many acts and artists from the far flung corners of the globe.

The following images represent the weekend from my perspective, I hope you you enjoy looking at them. If you do then if you have any comments please do let me know. You can also keep up to date  with me on my facebook and twitter.

I am looking forward to this years Womad in just a few weeks time, why not check out their website 

Please share this with anyone who might be interested in what a music photographer might have to say or show.

Womad Festival 2012 Robert Plant Headlining photo by Jonathan Lappin

Robert Plant

Womad 2012 Beuna Vista Social Club music photography by Jonathan Lappin images-4u

Beuna Vista Social Club

womad festival girl Holly in the crowd music photography by Jonathan Lappin

Festival Girl

Hot water live at womad 2012 photo by Jonathan Lappin

Hot Water

Tokoyo Ska paradise Orchestra performing live at Womad

Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra

Jimmy Cliff at Womad on the Main stage music photography by Jonathan Lappin

Jimmy Cliff

Hot water at Womad 2012 Radio Womad sessions

Hot Water performing for Radio Womad


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